Done and dusted for a year!

Recovering from a mass hysteria , social media is relaxed, pigeons are happy again, courier delivery personnel are relaxed. Everything is back to normal in the world. Only people unhappy are card companies and flower delivery services.

The world has finished celebrating International Women’s Day!

A day of emotional feeds, posts, tweets, probably even owls. Infinite #MustHashTag statuses, even for ladies (read: Mum) not even on social media. Such celebrations of women’s day evokes thoughts in my mind.

What thoughts you may ask?

The honour of ‘A’ day to be cherished goes to birthdays and anniversaries. Because that was ‘the’ day the world changed. It’s not like all women arrived on a lace decorated metallic (so Spring 2017) boat on the 8th of March 1909?!

When I look at my mum I don’t see her wait for Children’s day (Yes, we Indians do have one of those) or some Love Your Child day to be kind to me or love me. She loves me in spite of fights and disagreements. I highly doubt a wife, daughter or a sister would wait for an anniversary, birthday or rakhi (Yes again, we Indians celebrate the sibling bond) to be kind, appreciative and loving.

Why don’t we honour ladies every day? Yours and everybody else’s. We ladies live to be happy and for most part see others happy too! Why miss out on the 364 days of affection to focus on one day. This is like living a life of 60 years in a week (pardon the probably incorrect math, understand the drift). Why would you want to let your sisters, mothers, daughters and wives wait for that one day in a year to hear how much you appreciate them, they already have the wretched birthdays and anniversary waits!! Don’t add one more wait!

For me, my mum is the woman I ultimately care about, all day every day. Her whole lifetime is big giant happy woman’s day for me!

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