Next train will come eventually…anyway!

Have you seen people rush for a train? It seems like their life depends on catching that train. They push people, kick dogs, shove baby trolleys aside, somersault just so they could sliver their way into the train whilst the door closes.

Why would you do that? I ask myself.

What do you get saving those extra 4 minutes? Or even an hour? Is it worth pushing and shoving sometimes even hurting people on the way just to get into the train. It is not the last train of your life, is it?

Similarly, why would you push and shove to get that underappreciated opportunity in life when on waiting 4 minutes or an hour will bring in something better? Metaphoric 4 minute might I add, if it were real I would wait for a bunch of 4 minutes.

You may read and say ah! you silly pea brain, it was the last train of the day, I missed it I have to take refuge at the station now. Well, how many times have we waited or worked hard day-in a day-out for that life-changing-belly-bouncing opportunity?!

Opposite thinkers (read: cynics) would say if I missed this train, I will miss my flight and my world will go topsy turvy. That’s where preparation comes to place. if you don’t keep enough time in hand for that flat tyre or for that broken elevator, chances are you will miss your train. If you do not prepare decent for an interview, you will bomb it and then you will probably have to accept the not-so-cool-but-pays-my-bill job. If you don’t shower and put on a clean shirt for a date (I live in Berlin, I do see a bunch of non-shower-ers), how do you expect to woo the date? Same way if you

I come from a over populated country, trains come and trains go just as opportunities come and they go. I stand here calm ready to wait for the extra 4 minutes in the hope that the next one is just around the corner. There is so much stress in life already. Why do we need more pushing, shoving and slithering? Why?


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