I Lay and Wonder

Another sleepless night,

Falling like a stringless kite.

It becomes easy to comprehend,

That there is a need to amend.

As nights go by,

Tame my thoughts, I try.


I wonder if chasing dreams is an endless maze,

Where I am lost in several ways.

Aim for the sky they say,

Who helps me pave the way?

Stars looks down and shine,

A constant presence I can call mine.


I wonder if doors of opportunity open and close,

Is that the way life goes?

Seed after seed I sow,

Eventually hoping they would grow.

I wait for the nourishing rains,

Instead comes the snow.


I wonder whether destiny has a face,

Would it make me submit or ace?

Step by step I move to my goal,

Walking with emotions in a bowl.

Eventually I imagine it to be over,

It will be a pity to rover.


It dawns on me at the end,

Silent nights gave me time to mend.

It is easy to give up and wonder,

Harder to be down under.

Wounds heal, my time is not up yet,

Snow would also make the seeds wet.


So, I walk towards a faint light,

With a renewed will to fight.

Dreams and destiny will eventually connect,

Believe my fears and goals will intersect.

I lay and wonder on my bed,

Nights go by,

This time, not taming my thoughts, I try.



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