Personal Reflection

I Lay and Wonder

Another sleepless night, Falling like a stringless kite. It becomes easy to comprehend, That there is a need to amend. As nights go by, Tame my thoughts, I try.   I wonder if chasing dreams is an endless maze, Where I am lost in several ways. Aim for the sky they say, Who helps me... Continue Reading →

Public Speaking – the Horror!

In today’s day and age - Public Speaking is equivalent to breathing. An utmost important competency in today’s business is Public Speaking. With businesses and communications going global, if you cannot speak in front of people or to people, you are doomed. Articulate writing is important too, but you and I both know how important... Continue Reading →

Done and dusted for a year!

Recovering from a mass hysteria , social media is relaxed, pigeons are happy again, courier delivery personnel are relaxed. Everything is back to normal in the world. Only people unhappy are card companies and flower delivery services. The world has finished celebrating International Women’s Day! A day of emotional feeds, posts, tweets, probably even owls.... Continue Reading →

Does parenthood really change you?

This is something I have been wondering for a while. Since I am at an age where my friends, colleagues and cousins are either planning kids or already had them. I do see a sense of purpose, an intangible change in almost all new parents. My curiosity is whether a parent changes because of the... Continue Reading →

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